Firm Profile

Timothy J. Vrana LLC is a solo practitioner law firm.

We provide high quality, ethical legal services.

Our law firm focuses on Social Security Disability.

Timothy J. Vrana has been an attorney since he was admitted to the bar on June 4, 1982. His practice since that time has focused on Social Security Disability, civil appeals, and civil litigation. He now focuses solely on Social Security Disability. You can learn more about Tim’s background on our Attorney Profile page.

We pride ourselves on:

Experience – Tim has practiced law since 1982. In that time, he has served well over 900 Social Security clients. He has had clients from throughout Indiana, and represented clients at Social Security hearings in Indianapolis, Madison, Ft. Wayne, and Evansville, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Abilene, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Evanston, Illinois; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has also represented clients at trial in several state and federal courts. In addition, he has successfully presented briefs and oral arguments before the Indiana Tax Court, Indiana Court of Appeals, Indiana Supreme Court, and United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.

Preparation – Tim is thorough in researching issues and writing briefs in Social Security appeals. He requests, gathers, reviews, and submits information with a practiced eye on how the rules of law will be applied in each case. He attends hearings thoroughly prepared, and has also spent time with his clients (usually about a week before the hearing) to be sure his clients are prepared for their hearing.

Providing Personal Service – We like to get to know our clients and help our clients feel comfortable. Tim has two friendly legal assistants, and our clients know they can contact us with any questions or concerns.

Instilling Confidence – We know that trying to work through the legal system can be stressful and confusing. After meeting with us, we believe our clients are relieved of stress and confusion, and are confident in our ability and commitment.